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Not Gone, Just Blogging Rugby

27 November 2010 Leave a comment

I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I’ve got a lot of posts bubbling around in my skull right now.  I’ve just been spending a lot of time blogging about rugby at my “Rugby SuperSite.” I’ll have some new ideas up here soon, promise!  In the meantime, check out the rugby site, you might like it!

– Benson

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A Force of Nature

13 February 2010 Leave a comment

So I’m looking at changing some things around here, wanting to better organize my thoughts and love of all things content creation, public relations and social media. I was having lunch with my friend Will Reichard today and we talked about a few of our own evil plans, or as Hugh MacLeod (the artist behind Gaping Void) likes to call them, #evilplans. So to start off, I’m thinking about dropping a grenade and rework my content on the blog (or blogs, as it might turn out). I apologize if it’s going to look random for a little while, but I think there’s actually a plan leading me this time. 🙂

So I hope you’ll indulge me while I figure out how to become my own “Force of Nature” (advice is appreciated… check that, good advice is appreciated.)

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Benson’s Holiday Hooch Recipe

(We take a break from your regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement)

For the last couple of holiday season’s, my wife and I have been infusing vodka to give as presents to people.  This helped us out when we were saving money for our wedding, we were still able to give people presents and honor what they asked us to do for the holidays – which was “Save your money, you’ll need it for the wedding.” I’d like to say our vodka is known in the Rockies, and I think getting two paragraphs in the Denver Post still counts towards that end. 😉

This year’s holiday hooch was cinnamon spice-vanilla vodka.  The recipe is fairly easy to follow.

3-6 cinnamon sticks (depends on your love of cinnamon)

20-30 clove sticks

1 nutmeg, cracked in half

10-15 allspice

1 vanilla bean, cut in half and each half sliced lengthwise

1 big-ass bottle of vodka

The recipe is fairly simple – take all solid ingredients and drop into the bottle of vodka.  Wait for infusion.

The vodka infusion after the first couple of days.

Then you set the vodka in a cool, dry place for 4-6 weeks – depending on how strong you want the infusion.

Your tasty vodka as the infusion gets close to perfection

Feel free to add vodka to anything you wish to spice up, from tea to hot apple cider (a favorite) to Sprite and more!  The great thing about this recipe is you can add whatever you want, replace whatever you want – the previous year’s recipe included pumpkin and orange instead of cinnamon and allspice.

Sometimes You Get the Bear…

… sometimes the bear gets you. And sometimes you have to throw on the Lucha Libre mask and strike a blow for creativity!

Lucha Lib-arrrrrrrr

“I’m like a Ninja with no hopes and dreams.” Wally, “Dilbert” May 17, 2009

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My “Split” Personality

12 June 2009 2 comments

Ok, an idea.

For the legions of people… ok the three of you… who read me regularly, I want to pick y’all’s brains.

Since I write a big pile of different things here I was thinking about splitting off my social media and PR posts into another blog and leaving this as my personal one. Since you take the time out of your day to read this, I wanted to hear from y’all before I did anything.

So speak up now, remember I’m going deaf so you’ll have to be clear. 🙂


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Lovin’ the Zombie Flix

Just a quick post to say “y’all got to check this out!” Our UNM Live account is linked to it.

Real posting to resume soon (if the New Mexico winds don’t blow me halfway to Canada before next week!)

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Electoral Expert Goodness!

Our office has been working on gathering some of the professors around campus with an expertise in issues that will be important for the 2008 election.  We’re putting together a Web site for our experts so if the media want to contact them they’ll be able to, since New Mexico is supposed to be one of the few swing states this year that could decide the election.

Our site will also include video pieces of each of the experts, and I wanted to share one with y’all today.  I interviewed Prof. Geissman yesterday, and I’ve gotta say he’s a really cool guy with a lot of passion about his area of expertise, global climate change.  So for yer viewing pleasure, here he is.

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