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Leave it to the Democrats

Why does this not surprise me?

After spending the 2008 Election pointing out how unqualified Caribou Barbie was to become the second most powerful person in the United States, they’ve since decided that whatever Republicans can do they can do better.  So they went out and found someone who makes Palin look like a god-damned electoral expert to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate. 

Way to go Caroline Kennedy, who needs a primary or an election?  After all, it must be so much easier to just be anointed to a position in the U.S. Senate, none of that pesky running for office thing for you, you’re royalty after all.  Royalty who doesn’t need to do things like, answer questions from the press, or disclose anything to the little people. Those little people will do what they’re told, damn it!

I thought that whole 1776 thing was to stop the influence of royalty in American government.  Somehow I get the idea that Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave this holiday season.

Again, thanks to the Democratic Party for finding someone who makes Sarah Palin look over-qualified.

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