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I Love it When Commenters are Right. :)

Albuquerque’s hardest working blogger and radio reporter correctly called me out here:

It’s relatively simple. People respond to charisma. They respond to hope, they respond to winners. The moment someone loses on CBS’ “The Price is Right” they are off the screen. The instant they lose. Fortunately for McCain he’ll be able to return to the Senate. He has an important voice in our community and it won’t be hushed completely. It’s simply time to try a new direction. By the way, the “real” reporters kept audio from both speeches. These politicos had better keep their word…we have them on tape.

To which I respond:

You’re right Peter, people do respond to charisma, and I’m guilty of it a bit as well at the end of my blog post.  People in the U.S. do tend towards a winner (look at all of the Dallas Cowboy/Denver Bronco/whichever team won this week, fans in Albuquerque).

But I really think there is something to this Obamania gripping the nation (Whatcha gonna do when Obamania runs wild on you?). I wanted to see more out of the Republicans than I’ve seen so far, and the election hasn’t happened yet and a week’s a long time to go before election day (just ask Patsy Madrid).

We will be lucky that McCain can return to the Senate and work on the issues that really are important to him.  I’m not looking forward to the idea of the Democrats having a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and a huge gain in Congress.  That’s too much like a one party state for my taste, and we saw how well that has worked out here. (So come on guys, let’s vote for Darren White, who I’ve teased mercilessly on here.  After Heinrich’s recent media crap I can’t support someone that tight-assed.)

I get the gut feeling that McCain is still trending farther to the right than he wanted to, look at his choice if Palin for VP (I dunno if it’s true that he wanted Ridge or even Lieberman for that spot but was told that he would lose the base vote).  I hope that when he returns to the Senate he can veer back to the McCain I knew and loved back in 2000.

As my bro and I have discussed, I like Obama’s energy and some of his ideas, but I’m not a big fan of his foreign policy views, which are the real strength of the presidency.  Not in domestic policy, which is the purview of Congress.  And when the president of France, for crying out loud, is calling you a naive pussy, then you have a bit of a foreign policy conundrum.

But I don’t like McCain’s choice of Palin, who quite frankly (as the friends of Pagans who Palin’s pastor wants to hunt) scares the hell out of me.  So where do I go for a vote?  Probably to Ginger of course, Ginger Cat for President that is!

(although there is part of me that wants to write Ron Paul in)

Hey man, I try to be a “real-ish” guy at the events I’m at.  Granted I’m a PR guy, and not a reporter, and only cover the stuff going on at UNM right now, but I’m determined to save both of the speeches I have for the future. (you have a valid point there, though)

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