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Please, Make Him Stop…

It’s not over yet.  Actually it might just be beginning.

No, I’m not talking about the 2008 election, now moving into its 48,203 day.  There’s something much more important going on.

It’s summer again, the sun is hot, the days are long, and Brett Favre is looming on the horizon again, like some twisted football version of Groundhog Day.

Favre, one of the better players in the game currently, is threatening to come out of his long, arduous, four-month retirement and suddenly felt the desire to play football again.  The Packers had finally decided to stick with Aaron Rodgers, their quarterback of the future, as their quarterback of the now.  Once the Packers started preparing for training camp, the Drama King decided the camera wasn’t focused on him and turned Green Bay back into a circus.

The Packers should be used to this from the Drama King.  He’s been holding them hostage for a few years, never quite deciding if he should retire or not and coming back to the team.  Only this time he went though all the motions, filling out paperwork and everything this time.

Don’t get me wrong, in his prime Brett Favre was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.  Even now, at the young age of 93, Favre is still a decent quarterback.  Decent in that he’s got one, maybe two years left in him. But not good enough for a team to trade anything more than late-round pick for him.

Green Bay should call his bluff.  Take him back, if he wants to come back. But don’t trade him to any other teams.  Keep him on the roster and let him sit.  Green Bay has made it clear that Rodgers is the starter.  Of course, some people are upset that Brett isn’t going to have a shot to be starter, but like my rugby coach used to say – “this isn’t a democracy, I pick who starts.  That’s the bottom line.”

The Packers have already committed to Rodgers, and told Favre that “Golly Gee, you’ll make a great backup quarterback.”  I think they should go one better, and make Brett the best quarterback in the league again – the best scout team quarterback.

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