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Post #200, and a Blog-undrum…

I finally made it to post #200! To be honest, I thought I’d have gotten here a lot faster. My friend Mark beat me to it by a couple of months, and he writes amazing 3,000 word posts! I don’t know if my last 10 posts have totaled 3,000 words! I had taken a blogging hiatus a while back, and then for a while working my way through school I was informed that I could be fired for blogging – hence the long pause between blogs (had to start a new one because the wait was so long) and from reaching 200 posts.

Now with that behind me, I’m quickly approaching a blogging conundrum. (a “blog-undrum,” get it?)

Most of you reading already know who I am, why I write, and how much I really love it. And you know that I write under a pen name as a homage to Terry Pratchett, in addition to having started blogging again (for a class even) when I was told I could lose my past job because of it.

And since I’ve presented at PRSA conferences and given out this web address, and have directed more people to read my blog (I’m convinced it helped me get my current job), I’m wondering if I should go ahead and officially “out” myself on here. I know if I want to be seen as authentic about who I am and my advice on social media – I want to be a social media rockstar at my office someday – I should probably do it.Not that I’m not authentic in my posts, but there’s the question that remains.

After all, who wants to take advice from someone with a pen name, unless that pen name is “Dear Abby” of course. 😉

Hmmmm, and there’s the chance Slayn might take me out to the woodshed…

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