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Comp-U Tips of the Day

For the five people who read this blog on a semi-regularly basis (Hi Mom, Dad, bro, and the other two or so!  I love you all! πŸ™‚ )  I have a couple of tech tips for you to check out!

For those who are voracious blog readers (like me) there is great news from Newsgator, makers of the Feed Demon news reader (for Windows) and the NetNewsWire (Close to the name of this blog, eh eh, great minds think alike and all that) reader for Mac.  They have dropped the price of their news reader software to zero, zip, nada.  I had downloaded their trial software previously and really liked it, not enough to buy it when there are other cool readers out there like Awasu or even Mozilla’s Thunderbird email app.

One of the things I appreciated about Feed Demon is that it synced with Newsgator’s free online news reader (so after the free trial ended I was able to use the online service to keep up with the vast variety of blogs I read (probably around 40 or so now) without jumping from site to site.  So when the Feed Demon price dropped, I jumped all over it.  And I give it 5 stars, and highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in keeping up on their latest reads in ease and style!

But I have another tech tip for y’all as well. 


And this is geared primarily for the bloggers who read this and use Windows, but bits and pieces of it can be used by everyone.  If you don’t have it yet (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t have it already) download Windows Live from Microsoft.  This is a new free software package that hooks you up with photo editing software, Windows Live Messenger (built off of MSN Messenger of course, since it’s from Microsoft), Windows Live Writer (my favorite, it allows me to post to my blog without having to log in, while storing drafts of up and coming posts – a double-edged sword for me, cause I have a list of drafts of stuff I still want to write about, and publish your post when you want and how you want – with photos and video embedded), Windows Live Mail (an email program much like the Vista Mail, only better), and other programs.

It’s been available for a while and I’m impressed.  My posts for the last few months have been written in Live Writer and the photos have been touched up in either Live Photo Editor or Photoshop (I haven’t opened Picasa in months).  If you’re interested in getting started blogging (such as my fiancee, who I have been nudging along) or want a platform to read well-written, uplifting and snarkily written blogs (such as the masterpiece you are reading now πŸ˜‰ ) then you should try some of these programs.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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