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I’m William de Worde, and I Approve this Message…

And the message I have to ask is…

Why is Jim Baca afraid of a little comment disagreeing with him?

Late last week, Baca – former KOAT TV 7 reporter, anchor, State Liquor Director, Mayor of Albuquerque, two-time Land Commissioner, and most recently failed State Land Commissioner candidate for re-election – went off on one of his rants about the oil and gas industry. His post started off as a nice little piece about some of the people he had Thanksgiving dinner with. But, this being Jim-Bo Baca, he had to veer off into an irrational rant about an editorial he read in the Albuquerque Journal. More specifically Jim-Bo was upset about how the Journal went on and on about the need to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Just listen to what Jim-Bo had to say.

“Everything today was really nice except for an editorial in the Albuquerque Journal saying we should drill in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. How about we put a drilling rig in front of Journal Center and see if they still think it is okay? And then put a couple dozen more on every vacant lot in Journal Center. And then connect them all up with pipelines and roads. Well, I hope you get my point.”

Wow! He ended his piece a little hot under the collar! The Journal must have really gone to town about drilling in Alaska! They must have talked about destroying all of the land in Alaska for oil while having their way with all of the fuzzy headed polar bears roaming the Arctic.

Only, they didn’t.

Here’s what the Journal had to say about drilling in the Arctic (emphasis mine):

“For years, proposals to develop the oil beneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have been blocked because of environmental concerns. It is time to end the blockade and bring 10.3 billion barrels of domestic oil to market. Environmental concerns must be addressed, but the technology exists to do it safely— particularly at today’s prices.”

That’s it. Out of 565 words, this is the only paragraph in the piece about drilling in the Arctic. A total of 54 words. The rest of the editorial deals with the geopolitical need to remove our dependence on foreign oil sources – primarily focused on Hugo Chavez in this editorial.

Usually, I don’t bother responding to Baca and his postings. He believes how he does, and I believe as I do. I also believe that, as an American, Jim-Bo has the right to be as wrong as he is. But this time Baca didn’t just go off of the tracks, he decided to go into the arroyo and through the woods – to grandmother’s house he went…

So, being the smart-ass you all know and love, I decided to challenge Jim-Bo on his overkill response (like Cheney with a shotgun and a hunting partner). I know he doesn’t like the Journal, and the oil and gas industry – primarily because both won’t do what he tells them to do (I can only guess). So I sent a comment in response.

A comment that, unfortunately, will never see the light of day on his blog – because he’s not big on people who dare to challenge him.

Fast forward to today. I was having lunch with a friend of mine who has known Jim-Bo for years. I mentioned this to him and he told me he wasn’t surprised. He passed on the sage knowledge to me that Baca isn’t interested in engaging in a discussion with people who don’t agree with him, he wants only to have his say. I can respect that, even if he is wrong.

I would post it here, but – golly gee – I thought that Jim-Bo would at least have the courage to post a comment disagreeing with him and didn’t bother to save a copy. After all, he’s supposed to be the great fighter for our environment. A man with integrity and courage who can handle a debate (guess not). However, I will do my best to recreate it.


Were we reading the same editorial? The majority of the editorial dealt with the geopolitical needs of the United States to become energy independent – dealing with Hugo Chavez.

I think your irrationalities are colliding. First there is your irrational distaste of the Journal – a newspaper that wouldn’t kiss your ring when you were Mayor of Albuquerque, and ended up endorsing Pat Lyons in the most recent election for Land Commissioner. (Note for those readers not in Albuquerque – Hi Dad – Jim Baca ran against, and lost to, Pat Lyons – a man who would be an underdog in an IQ contest with a box of rocks – in the 2006 election).

Then there is your irrational anger towards the oil and gas industry. An industry that does need to work on its environmental clean up and track record (something that I believe they are finally doing), but also an industry that gives a lot of money, $2.2 billion last year alone, I believe, to the State of New Mexico. How will you make up that money in New Mexico’s coffers?

Riddle me this Jim, if you want to get rid of the oil and gas industry in New Mexico, how will you power America? With alternative energy sources promising but still nowhere ready for prime time and even with tight energy savings plans America will still need a source of energy. What should we use? Coal? Nuclear? Everyone turning the lights off at night and reading by candlelight? Solar power is promising but still years away, wind power isn’t practical yet. What would you do to provide energy to America?

(Again this is not a word-for-word repeat)

Apparently Jim-Bo can’t handle people asking him questions, and expecting detailed explanations and plans. I’m sorry to ask for more than 10-word, bumper sticker response from Baca – but this is an important question. And quite frankly, I expect him to have answers. And the courage to face those willing to challenge him.

I’m William de Worde, and I approve this message (And your negative comments).

  1. Wise Man Slayn
    29 November 2007 at 10:37 am

    I’m so proud. ^_^

    Entertainment for all: go to the NM Secretary of State’s Office and look up the 2006 election results (Adobe Acrobat required). Look at Bernalillo County’s overall results. Compare the Land Commissioner race with the Attorney General’s race…or the Treasurer’s race…or the Auditor’s race…or the Secretary of State’s race. If you’re feeling particularly cruel, compare it to the Governor and Senate races. Note a difference?

  2. Wise Man Slayn
    4 December 2007 at 11:02 am
  3. Wise Man Slayn
    4 December 2007 at 11:03 am

    And since the software can’t apparently tag the whole address, here’s the page before it.


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