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I Hate Balloon Fiesta…

Damn, I was hoping to sleep in today -one of two days of vacation I am taking this week – only to have the dog go nuts at about 8 am.  She usually barks a little bit in the morning when the neighbors go to work or someone is walking a dog down the street.  But today she started going nuts. It was a non-stop cacophony of barks for about 10 minutes.  I staggered out of bed and looked outside.

No one walking a dog.

No neighbors slamming their front door to go to work.

What the heck was making her bark?

Then it hit me.  Early October, early in the morning.  It’s those damn balloonists again.

Every year they go overhead (regardless of where I am living) and Pickles begins to lose it. Barking her head off at the fortnight-long invasion of people with too much time on their hands floating overhead.

And that’s not to mention the traffic snarls and delays caused by people coming to the balloon fiesta.  At least I don’t work at the paper anymore.  The building is near the balloon fiesta grounds and when you would try to go outside and get dinner your ten minute commute turned into about 75 minutes of waiting to get onto the street, driving to get food and crawling back to work behind a line of cars filled with people pointing and saying ‘Oh look at all the preeeeeeeeeety balloons!”

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