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And There is No Love in Marty-ville tonight…

For the “Mighty Mayor” has struck out…

– “Smarty (not my nickname I tell you) at the Bat”

Today was election day once again in the mighty Q. We had four city councilor seats up for election – two incumbents were running, one woman was running unopposed, and one incumbent (Martin Heinrich) was moving on to run against Heather Wilson, so his seat was open. It was a free for all! The negative ads flowed like honey!

(And I always love the sound of attack ads in the morning, sounds like… victory… More on the flip)

This election season was very nasty for the three contested districts. This year the city council has taken a much harder tack when dealing with Mayor Martin Chavez, and in return Chavez has tried to enforce his will on the council. Mayor Chavez must have thought that since Governor Richardson gets to have his way with the State Legislature anytime he wants, then so should he and his staff (as a precursor for his successful run to become the next governor of New Mexico of course). The City Council had other plans, and relations between the two groups started getting rough, with the Mayor sending budgets and other demands to them (via staff because, ya know, he’s too busy flying to China for Panda info to attend meetings), and the council overriding his vetoes, denying him his cute, little pandas for the zoo and not always caving to his whims.

In retaliation, Chavez decided to get involved in the council members reelection races this year, something (as I understand it) that ABQ mayors don’t usually do. That is, he “allegedly” did. Of course he didn’t do it, members of his staff were out in the field helping his hand picked candidates, and of course they were doing it on their own time, not talking about it at work, and not using city resources or time on the clock to discuss this.

Yeah, and I have some lovely beachfront property on the Rio Grande that you can have for a song.

It’s just a lot of coincidences happening at once. Yeah, that’s it.

Oh, and there was the mysterious recall effort of Don Harris, a councilor in a conservative part of town, but one that has not given in to Mayor Chavez or the people in his district who are throwing temper tantrums and stamping their little feet. A recall that just happened to be coordinated with Sandra Richardson, she of the “Honey Bee” emails (HT: Mario Burgos) to Paulette de Pascal, who just happened to be running against Brad Winter, one of the mayor’s most strident opponents on the council. Maybe coordinate is too strong of a word to use, but as you can see on What’s Wrong with This Picture, Richardson has definitely been seen with a bunch of the players in various campaigns this season (including the “Honey Bee” campaign that she was supposedly disavowed from being on, hmm… we wonders don’t we, Preciousssssss…).

(And of course, she decides to assault the cameraman taking her picture because she doesn’t want him to.)

(Now, will she still be richly rewarded by Mayor Chavez for her efforts leading the good campaign Titanic straight into the iceburg, or does the mystery manager take the heat on this one?)

According to the Albuquerque Journal’s Dan McKay, after being throroughly routed from the field of political battle this evening, the Masked Mayor has started calling to “congratulate” the winners. Since these were the same people his staff savagely went after just days ago, he’s going to have to do a lot more than just call to congratulate them. There are going to be some serious pounds of flesh exacted from the Mayor, in my more than humble opinion, as a result of his overreaching hubris.

(And this is, as I have pointed our before, coming from someone who voted for the Mayor for his current office and his run for governor and thinks he would be a great, and feasible, representative of NM-01 if Heinrich doesn’t finish Heather off this time around).

And none of this even touches on the fact that a few days ago, allegations of racism against another city council member – one who just happened to be an ally of the mayor before they parted ways on the handling of the Animal Services Department – happened to pop up (regardless of how correct he was in getting rid of the former head of Animal Services and her following temper tantrum at the firing). Mayor Chavez is quickly running out of councilors who have his back. And they can make his last couple of years in office miserable.

There is a very real chance that Chavez will be marginalized by the Council by the time he gets out of office, just in time to run against Diane Denish for the Democratic nod for governor – or that serious run against Heather Wilson, I’m telling you he can beat her!

And on that note, the fiancee has just come in to tell me tonight is actually tomorrow now, and I need some sleep. So I’ll impart my madcap adventures at the voting booth then!

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