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Ridin’ the Mighty Bloggin’ Range

Hi Ho Seabiscuit! Away!

My blogging vacation was great, it gave me a little time to recoup, get used to the new job, grill some more on the weekends and try to recharge the ol’ brain.

Unfortunately it didn’t calm me down one bit. There’s so much going on out there that I have to quickly hit only a few of them.

Health Care

Recently, Bill O’Reilly – in all of his splotchy idiocy – said that people in America don’t have a basic right to health care. He didn’t quite say it that way, but wrapped it up in those evil little words “Socialism” and “Michael Moore” to make it seem like he’d be for universal health if, gosh darn it, it wasn’t for those pesky “libruls” and “socialists.”

According to O’Chumply

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 69% of Americans believe the government should care for those who can’t take care of themselves. Many in the survey believe health care is a basic human right.
Okay, but isn’t nutritious food a basic human right as well? How about decent housing? And a dignified retirement for the elderly? And child care for working parents? The “rights” list is endless.

Well, Bill, now that you ask that, those are rights – but they are not on the same level as providing health care to those who need it most. Nice try on the head fake, too bad it failed (like your crappy fiction book)

I’d like to ask those people against providing decent health care to the poor, and who usually love to quote the bible at every chance they get – no comment on political party other than to say their party affiliation usually starts with an “R” – why do you ignore Jesus’ dictates to love thy neighbor as yourself? Why pass over any bible passage where Jesus talks about taking care of those less fortunate than yourself and where Jesus healed the sick, feeble and poor? Seems to me Jesus is more in tune with that than with the great “fags ‘r gunna burn in hell” side that evangelists love to tout.

Who knows, maybe Jesus is just a socialist at heart. But it would be nice to see America show a little more Jesus and a little less Cain when it comes to dealing with the poor.

Michael Vick

First, regarding the scumbag that is Michael Vick – I hope he realizes that there are special places in hell reserved for people like him. If someone is going to so cruelly abuse animals in this way, then they have shown they are a piece of shit that’s less than a human being.

Being able to destroy animals (I refuse to simply call it killing – because he and his ‘homies’ hung, strangled, electrocuted and smashed them into nothingness – this is true cruelty.) in such a way shows there is some very serious sociopathic miswiring in Vick’s Brain. Vick has been suspended indefinitely and without pay by the NFL and is going to plead guilty to some of his crimes. So he’ll have some time to think about it, and hopefully won’t just stew about the fact that he got caught. Because after years of being in jail and out of work and just getting more upset about it, I can’t imagine what he would do to the first dog he encountered….

Second, to the Atlanta NAACP – you have to be KIDDING ME! You’re going to defend this guy against the mounting evidence, and then demand that he be rehired by the Falcons. I believe Atlanta NAACP jack-ass, idiot-savant leader R.L. White said:

“We further ask the NFL, Falcons, and the sponsors not to permanently ban Mr. Vick from his ability to bring hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country.”

So if I understand this correctly, Vick should be allowed to skate away from his crimes because of his “ability to bring enjoyment” to football fans?

I’m a football fan, what about my feeling that Vick’s ability to destroy one of “God’s Creatures” goes far beyond his ability to throw a fucking football?

Let’s be honest, the Atlanta NAACP – probable recipients of many donation dollars from Michael Vick – don’t want the gravy train to end and are willing to put their reputation on the line defending a dog fighter and animal abuser.

And don’t give me the accusations of racism (because given the NAACP’s stance, I’ll throw it right back with an additional charge of classism – because Vick’s rich he must be OK). Let me put it to y’all this way: I don’t care if it’s Vick, or some piece of trash white-trash redneck in the backwoods of Alabama fighting dogs, or a Latino in the South Valley raising pit bulls to fight – this kind of abuse is unacceptable. And if you doubt me, I’d like to refer you to my posts on Thor’s Warriors here and here and this case involved a white guy in a county in Michigan.

God’s Warriors

This week I watched CNN’s Christiane Amanpour’s excellent series on religion and religious extremism, God’s Warriors. There’s not much more I can add to it. It’s unnerving how powerful religion, or the misreading of it, can be when driving some people to act in irrational ways. This demands more than just a quick hit, I’ll address it in a separate post later on.

Until then, snoochie boochies y’all…


See you later, Space Cowboy…

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