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The “Payne-anator’s” Response

“I expect your compliance to Greg’s plan. Greg expects your compliance to his Plan.”

The plan…. the plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…. Resistance if futile… we must worship the Plan…

In an email to Mario Burgos this AM, Greg goes on to spin and BS explain, using the following quote from an email he had sent the next day:

“Please forward this to Mike Collins. He’ll be consulting Paulette on the campaign.”

Riiiiiiiiiight. Let’s go back to the Dr. Strangelove-BS-O’meter glasses.

Greg asks “Why would I want to forward the consulting to someone else?”

Well, because that would give him a thin veil of deniability when something just like this happens. Someone gets a hold of the info, Greg can say “It’s not me. I forwarded that stuff! Why would I do that?”

Mike can “consult” Paulette on the campaign and still be taking his marching orders from Mayor Chavez not be running it.

Or in other words… “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Look at the bunny! Is it not great!!”

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