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“Smarty Marty” Rides Again

Cue the William Tell Overture!

Gather the horses and the whiskey! The Masked Mayor rides again!


Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez (“Smarty Marty” to those who prefer to deride him, not including myself but I have to admit it’s catchy) recently decided to engage in a little PR war with the City Council. Earlier this summer Marty ordered one of his underlings to call his radio show and blast the Council didn’t recognize one of his closest staff members on the phone on his radio show. And the worst part of it isn’t that Mayor Chavez is trying to exert some influence on the council, but that he’s doing it so transparently, and so poorly.

Especially now that he doesn’t have Jim Ludwick at the Journal to run interference for him anymore. (We’ll see how Dan McKay does in his stead.)

Then it was reported this evening that Paulette de’Pascal, one of Mayor Chavez’s hand-picked candidates an independent candidate who I’m sure would do a great job, is working with Greg Payne, Mayor Chavez’s transit chief, and Sandra Richardson, a local politico and neighborhood housing president (and as homeowners in the Duke City know, homeowners associations have way too much power out here.) As the link hints (hat tip to… do I have to? I guess so. 😉 Mario Burgos) is our dear Paulette taking advice from Payne, a city employee; is Payne doing this on Mayor Chavez’s orders and while at work his own time; and is Richardson running interference between them? Or is the line from Payne and Chavez true, that they are not doing anything to assist de’Pascal? (I didn’t think so either…)

Thanks to Richardson running messages in between Greg Payne/Mayor Chavez and de’Pascal, she provides just enough of a buffer wall between the two parties to give a possible deniability to the communications. Payne/Chavez can say that Richardson was acting on her own and dropping names to boost her ego in this campaign. de’Pascal can claim that she had no knowledge of any of this (despite working on political campaigns of her own, you would think she learned something from her time there).

And Richardson?

Once this dies down, she’ll be rewarded for, not just falling, but diving on the campaign’s sword.

This is very disappointing for me. Speaking as someone who voted for Chavez twice for mayor, once for Governor and still thinks he should have some say in the new APS chief, it’s upsetting that he’s decided to go to war with the City Council, instead of working with them. There are only so many times that he can get away with flaunting the rule of law, which includes the fact that he is, in fact, not king of Albuquerque.

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