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Is BenDom Back?

(No, this is not a Ben Affleck dating anyone new or something like that post…)

Trying to keep up with all of the politics that can kill a horse, I find myself reading Hugh Hewitt’s blog quite often. A previous post struck me as interesting.

Over 4,300 of you have signed the “We Win, They Lose” petition since we launched it on Monday. Can we get over 5,000 today?

The link provided led me to a new site called “We Win They Lose.” Essentially this is a site, much like The Victory Caucus (Does anyone remember what happened to that site? Me either). A petition registering disgust with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for “emboldening the enemy” thanks to their bill requesting a timeline to leave Iraq.

That didn’t interest me much, because like the Victory Caucus, I’m guessing it will fade into the night. What interested me was one of the members listed.


Ben Domenech?

From the Washington Post’s very short-lived blog, Red America?

Who left after a few days due to plagiarism charges? Is he still connected to Red State? Is he still blogging? I thought he he decided to take a break from blogging after the allegations.

I’m not going to blast him for the plagiarism charges. Everyone has made mistakes, and I an only hope he has learned from them, and if he does decide to come back and blog that he stands up and faces the criticism he kinda deserves. (Dude, when you’re a Republican and Michelle Malkin bails on you, you’re in big trouble)

Inquiring minds want to know…Like they want to know about the mythical “mountain of evidence” provided by the Wednesday Morning QB to David Iglesias

(Ha! I knew I could bring it back to NM-01. What can I say, I’m like a tenacious pitbull with this “evidence”) 😉

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