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And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

From Denise Lamb, former NM Elections Bureau Chief. (HT: That bastion of elitist, liberal-dripping political journalism in New Mexico)

“(In 2004) Iglesias convened a “Voter Fraud” Task Force. I was a member, representing the secretary of state. We looked at a couple of UNM students that had registered twice (because the county clerk was so inundated with registrations, they didn’t get a card and assumed their registration was lost, so they registered again), some voter registrations that were stolen (maybe) from the office of a group doing registration, and other minor allegations (Voter fraud is a misnomer here; it should be called registration fraud, because the perpetrators never actually vote. But voter fraud sounds more serious and is, I think, chosen to arouse suspicion). The group concluded there were no crimes to prosecute.”

The GOP really needs to stop trying to flail at Iglesias on this issue. The more they attack him, the more they are lowering their credibility. Once again, Iglesias would have not said anything if the GOP hadn’t used a bogus attack on his performance as the reason they fired him. And in continuing to attack him, it gives the GOP the appearance of grasping at straws and being petty.

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