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Iglesias on “Real Time”

“I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, not the Republican Party of New Mexico.” – David Iglesias on “Real Time with Bill Maher”

David Iglesias, also known as the man the New Mexico Republicans love to castigate since he dared to not rush prosecutions to match Heather Wilson, was on “Real Time with Bill Maher”

Below are some of his quotes from his segment on “Real Time.” I can’t improve on them, so I am leaving them here. There may be a word or two missing, and I apologize for that, I’ve listened to the segment a few times already (I loved the quote about the Constitution so I didn’t mind listening to it).

“Well, the first thing is they wanted me to come up with some bogus prosecutions with no evidence of voter fraud.”

“They wanted me to rush indictments of Democrats who were engaging in corrupt activities. I couldn’t do that because the case wasn’t ready. It’s that simple.

“What Heather Wilson asked and what Pete Domenici asked were absolutely inappropriate and verboten.

“It was very disconcerting to be taken out by my friends and mentors for doing the right thing. I would have understood it if me and my colleagues had been taken out for doing the wrong thing, for having poor performance.

“And we would have gone out quietly into the night time had they not wrongly testified under oath that it was performance related. They knew better, it was not performance related.”

Richard Belzer, one of the guest panelists that night, responded to a slight attack on Iglesias (a former speech writer for Dan Quayle was also on the panel) that Iglesias was a hero because he put country before party. Unlike the Wednesday Morning QB and the other Republican attack crew out there, who place their loyalties to party before country.

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