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Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

Does Steve Rubel get it? Does he have a clue? Or does he not understand PR, despite being a VP in the largest private PR firm in the uber-verse?

I just finished reading this little nugget, and this one too, from Edelman PR’s Vice President of … what exactly? Pissing off the media, it looks like to me.

In two Twitter… posts/whatever the hell they are, Steve Rubel, Edelman’s social media guru, has figured out a way to insult not only the editorial staff at PC Mag, but also the 11 MILLION people who read PC Mag. First he comes out and says that he chucks their mag in the trash. Then he waits over the weekend before giving a half-apology that sounds like:

Gee they’re making me apologize for what I said. So, “I’m sorry”

And at the same time, he blasts CNET as well, just for good measure. Because who needs to have good connections at those media outlets?

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Especially when you consider the client list that Edelman includes.

Vulcan Flipstart

Yeah, this is a list of companies that have no need of CNET or PC Mag’s audience. Because that might be what’s at stake.

Once PC Mag’s editor-in-chief, Jim Louderback, found out what was said, he sent his own letter to the gossip site Strumpette. Even though he was joking (Edelman and Rubel better hope he was), he did say:

Still, it made me wonder. And in the future, if I’m on the fence, I’ll probably be somewhat less inclined to take a meeting with one of Edelman’s clients.

If I’m one of the clients listed above, I’d think twice about keeping Edelman as my PR firm of record.

For a really good post about this (aka: Serious Hat Tip): Read Peter Shankman’s PR Differently site.

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