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The Iglesias Saga Continues

(I swear someday soon I will start blogging about other things again, like business and PR)

I wonder how Senator Domenici and Representative Wilson’s defenders are going to react to this article that ran in today’s Albuquerque Journal. The headline says it all: Domenici Sought Iglesias Firing.

The story explains how, after the November ’06 elections, Senator Pete Domenici personally contacted President Bush to demand former U.S. Attorney Iglesias’ firing. The money quote (for me) is: (Erroneous Tag Deleted)

At some point after the election last Nov. 6, Domenici called Bush’s senior political adviser, Karl Rove, and told him he wanted Iglesias out and asked Rove to take his request directly to the president.
Domenici and Bush subsequently had a telephone conversation about the issue.

More after the jump.

So let me see if I understand this, President Bush had a personal hand in the firing of a U.S. Attorney? At the behest of a sitting senator from the state of New Mexico? Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Bush took the time to talk about David Iglesias with Senator Domenici.

It was after this discussion with Bush that Iglesias’ name was announced as part of the list of those U.S. Attorney’s who were fired. This isn’t coincidence, he was considered a great lawyer and a rising star in the Republican party and then Senator Domenici places a call to the White House and suddenly his name is on a list of “unacceptable” attorneys?

Iglesias then speaks out that his firing was a political hatchet job (which looks more and more true) and then he gets attacked by the Republican Blog Machine out here.

Somehow I’m not surprised at this. U.S. Attorney’s are supposed to be independent of the Executive Branch. But, as we have seen so very often lately, if you are not completely loyal to President Bush, the Republican Party and Jesus (in that order) then you’re not long meant for working in the current government.

Add all of these points to this quote from the Albuquerque Journal’s March 30 story:

A former top aide to U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzales told Congress on Thursday that David Iglesias was a “skilled lawyer” and that Sen. Pete Domenici’s complaints about him may have been “influential” in his firing.

So Iglesias went from being a “skilled lawyer” to “unacceptable”? My Spidey-sense is telling me that, despite the best protestations from the Republicans out here, Iglesias’ firing had something to do with his unwillingness to speed up his indictments of Democrats in New Mexico. That his prosecution calendar runs free and apart from Wilson and Domenici’s election schedule. Then President Bush took a call from Senator Domenici and placed his own call to Alberto Gonzales and said “put him on the firing list.”

Applying the Dr. Strangelove-BS-o’meter glasses here, the major question I have is, did Domenici do this, knowing that if he got caught he would be more insulated (election-wise) than Wilson is in this state?

And onto a PR point (I knew I’d be able to figure out a way to include some PR in this). When contacted by the Journal for comment:

A spokesman for Domenici’s office said they were not prepared to comment at this time.

The office has had weeks, if not months, to come up with a message and this is the best they can do? Come on, I thought the best and brightest worked in DC. Once again, by saying no comment you are tacitly saying “Yes, we did it, and we’re hoping you won’t notice we’re not responding”.

It will be interesting to see what the White House has to say on this, if the press takes the time to ask Tony Snow about it.

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