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Heinrich! (Heinrich?)

Joe Monahan‘s been talking about it, and so have the peeps at Duke City Fix. Jim Baca touched on it too.

Martin Heinrich is pondering a run at Heather Wilson’s House seat in 2008. For that matter, so is the Secretary for Economic Development, Rick Homans. Either one of them would be an interesting representative for us. I’ll break down the race as it starts up, and maybe get some odds from Vegas.

Heinrich is devoted to the environment and moderate on some of the issues that I am as well. He’ll run a strong primary campaign, especially if he’s got me running his communications campaign. (Martin, email me. I’m hooked into the media here.) But he might run into a bit of problem with the rest of the city. There is a difference between him running for city council in a center-left leaning district, and him running throughout office.

He’ll carry the UNM area, Downtown, Nob Hill, and Dist. 6; while the West Side and Northeast Heights will break for Heather. (Although there are probably more votes to be mined on the West Side than in the Heights). The rest of the city is in play a little more than those locales.

IMHO, of course.

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  1. David
    13 April 2007 at 2:06 pm

    It seems to me that District 1–with its slight Democratic majority–may be ready for a real change. Heather’s reelection was by the very thin margin of 800+ votes, and a potential ethics investigation for improper contact of a federal prosecutor about a politically sensitive case makes her even MORE vulnerable. Martin will NOT have a brain freeze over a simple question about taxes. Throw in the growing unpopularity of the Iraq War and you have a Representative in “deep doo-doo.”

    Go this link:


    and read up on the new information about Pete’s involvement with the removal of David Iglesias, and the NM GOP will be scrambling for the next 17 months. Steve Pearce may end up the loneliest guy in New Mexico when he goes to DC.

    This is where I have to trot out the overused, “but a lot can happen between now and then.”

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