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Swing and a Miss…

(In keeping with the start of the Albuquerque Isotopes season)

A little more has happened in the David Iglesias saga this week. Iglesias has asked for an investigation into whether his absence from work because of his Naval Reserve duty might be the reason he was fired. It’s another front opened up on the investigation of Heather “Ring Ring” Wilson and Pete Domenici.

Yet there is no comment from the field. Our friend at the Wednesday Morning QB has been quiet for the week (After getting sacked time and again for being viciously wrong has to take a toll on the body. I’m sure she’ll be back soon)

So while Frick is quiet, Frack has decided to speak up.

Republican blogger Mario Burgos has decided to try and take the fight to the former Naval Prosecutor. Apparently this stems from Iglesias’ desire to keep the camera on him, according to Burgos. That and selling a book that might eventually be written.

Let me see if I can understand this, the right-wing hack believes that Iglesias is fueling the Wilson quagmire because he wants more media attention? That the announcement of Heather and Pete’s ethically-questionable calls to Iglesias, his testimony before Congress, this most recent announcement and everything in between is fueled by Iglesias’ ego?

Since announcing what Wilson and Domenici did, Iglesias has been taking fire from all sides. The Wednesday Morning QB has been taking potshots at him for not prosecuting her flimsy claims of “voter fraud.” Even though Republican lawyer Jim Scarantino said the evidence was not there to prosecute it. But why let the truth get in the way of a decent attack point.

(Hey, that challenge still stands. You have the evidence? A “mountain” of it? Prove it.)

On the other side, Burgos has been mercilessly attacking the former Naval lawyer with everything he can think of. Which stems not from a position of honor or wanting to know the truth (which Burgos can’t handle anyway), but from the fact that Iglesias didn’t “toe the line” in regards to Heather and Pete. And in Burgos’ mind, that’s a far worse crime.

Hmmm, on one side you have David Iglesias, a man who was the inspiration for Tom Cruise’s character in “A Few Good Men”, a man who decided to perform his job as U.S. Attorney with honor and integrity instead of chasing frivolous lawsuits for partisan reasons. And you have a Republican lawyer who was involved enough to know that the Wednesday Morning QB’s claims of “mountains of evidence” were bull. And on the other side you have two Republican operatives who have shown more loyalty to Heather Wilson than to the concept of fairness and truth.

Given this, I can totally buy the idea that Iglesias’ ego is running the show here. Yeah. Sure. (/sarcasm)

Looks like Burgos decided to throw at Iglesias’ head this time at the plate. Sorry kid, you’re getting thrown out this inning. Be careful or the Republicans might send you back to single-A in Hobbs or Roswell. (See how deftly I bring this post back to the baseball season in a round-about way? 😉 )

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