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Wingnuttery at Its Best

I wish I had the writing ability of my former classmate, Mark Bralley. He wrote at length about the Wilson-Domenici role in the U.S. Attorney case, and the title of the post, “Wing Nuts,” really describes the two peeps I’ve been discussing from time to time on this blog. Our friends the Wednesday Morning QB and Mario Burgos.  I’ll keep this short so you can read Mark’s blog.

So this post ends with a point (for a change) I’d like to challenge the Wednesday Morning QB and Mario Burgos. They claim to have a “mountain” of evidence regarding voter fraud, the point that the Wednesday Morning QB keeps trying to hammer David Iglesias and failing like a Miami Hurricane football player taking a trig test. I’d like to see this evidence. They do have it, don’t they? The vast mountains and bag fulls. Not to mention the police investigation. Another point Mark brings up, what did the police discover?

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