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Heather’s Foot-In-Mouth Problem

Someone call the doctors! It looks like Representative Heather Wilson has developed a serious case of Foot-In-Mouth Disease!

This is a point that I’ve been meaning to write about for a couple of days now. Not another fumble by the Wednesday Morning QB, but a serious PR gaffe by the Communications Flack for Heather Wilson.

As we know at this point, former US Attorney David Iglesias was contacted by two New Mexico Congress peeps during the time before the November elections. Which two were they? Well, Pete Domenici has come clean about contacting the US Attorney and US Attorney General on more than one occasion (or has he?), Democrats Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman and southern New Mexican representative Steve Pearce all said they weren’t involved in this.

Guess who that leaves?

And what does Heather’s crack PR team do? This is from last week.

Here’s a hint. (KRQE-TV)

“I have said very little about this, and I prefer not to make any additional comment at this time,” Wilson said during a morning news conference at the Veterans’ Affairs Hospital in Albuquerque.

And another hint. (Courtesy of ABQJournal, subscription needed)

Wilson tersely referred questions to Iglesias’ government supervisors.
“You should contact the Department of Justice on that personnel matter,” she said.

The classic “No comment”. Let’s apply the Dr. Strangelove-BS-O’meter glasses here again.

“I was really hoping this would blow over. But it hasn’t. And you dare to ask me about this? Who do you little peons in the press think you are?”

One of the first things I learned in my Intro to PR class is that you never say “no comment.” Saying no comment is seen as an admission of guilt, or that you have something to hide. PR Guru to the Stars Michael Levine, in his book “A Branded World”, said (paraphrasing) that a rumor left unanswered for more than 24 hours is taken as fact. (I’ll try and find the direct quote).

Heather and her staff topped that this week by, once again, not getting back to the press in a timely fashion. This is from today’s Albuquerque Tribune article.

Rep. Heather Wilson, an Albuquerque Republican, had no response to Iglesias’ statement that she asked him about “sealed indictments.” Neither of her media aides returned phone calls or e-mails to The Tribune.

Maybe someone should tell Heather that the “no comment” routine doesn’t work. While the press might lighten up on her, the Democratic new media will stay after her. And where would Heather like to answer these questions, from a friendly confine like the Journal or when she finally snaps in front of someone with a DV Cam?

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