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Domenici Admits: “Oops, I did it again.”

Proving once again you can get tomorrow morning’s headlines… well, tomorrow ;), the Albuquerque Journal is reporting that Pete Domenici did, in fact, call the office of former US Attorney David Iglesias “to inquire about the status of a public corruption investigation”.

Hmmmm, I believe there was a discussion earlier on this blog about the possibility of a violation of Congressional Ethics (again, insert joke here) when a member of Congress contacts a US Attorney to discuss an ongoing case. Did Pete just admit guilt? Will he be censured? Called out for it? Slapped with a wet noodle?

Regardless, in his statement printed with the story on the Journal Web site, Pete admits that:

“Since my knowledge of his remarks stems only from a variety of media accounts, I have hesitated to respond.”

Applying my Dr. Strangelove-BS-O’meter PR glasses, this reads more like:

“We were really hoping this would blow over, but since it hasn’t yet we decided to write a statement and it took us this long to come up with something convincing without sounding like a complete crock.”

And now St. Pete really finds himself, or more appropriately, his staff, in the middle of spinning his involvement in the case like a top with Tourette’s Syndrome.

“No, we really didn’t pressure the US Attorney at any time in the case.”

“And honest to gosh, we were convinced months before this that a new US Attorney was needed in New Mexico.”

“In retrospect, I really didn’t mean to do it. And if the US Attorney thought he was being pressured to do something before the election, well that’s his fault for misunderstanding the pressure we were putting him under… er, I mean our constituents concern.”

Have you no shame Pete?

You were convinced that a new US Attorney was needed out here? Gee, when did you say that? I haven’t found the link to the story where you said that before the November election. Maybe you and your staff could point me to the news stories, or heck even the press releases you can have them write. Lord knows your staff sends out press releases by the bundle.

Or were you just content to pull the strings behind the scenes?

Because after all, this sounds like:

“I didn’t have faith in Iglesias, but I decided to let him take on these high profile cases before the election with the hopes that he would fall flat on his face.”

So what if the defendants get to go free. It’s a small price to pay to sit back and let someone who had lost your confidence try to convict an important case.

Really Pete. Couldn’t your PR team have come up with something better?

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