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Don’t let us ruin your party…






Followed an Andrew Sullivan link to this story about the lack of concern that the “fashionable” people in NYC have for anything not fashionista or celebrity related. One of the money quotes from the article:

“The people who are there fighting—it’s their journey. This (living in NYC and partying at Bungalow 8 ) is our journey,” she continued. “People are dying all around the world. Forget Iraq—they’re dying in this country. And their parents are suffering with them, and our parents suffer for us because we’re at Bungalow. There is no separation in the trauma.”

You’re kidding me, right? A 40-year-old music producer, sans underwear (as she was quick to state in the article, is actually telling us that partying in a swanky New York club is a journey comparable to fighting in Iraq?

I’m stunned. Totally stunned. Jesus Christ, I just want to shake some of these people. How can they be so disconnected from the real world? Don’t let the shit going on in our little “reality based” world interrupt your little coke snorting, drinking ’til you puke, Paris Hilton-esque glam fest. Because if you let it affect you, you might start to care about something other than how much crank you can get in your system, then the next thing you know you might actually get angry about how disconnected stupid shits are. But it gets better…

Another interviewee went on to say:

“I live this debauched life of partying and fun,” he added, “but you have to think about Darfur, you have to think about Iraq, you have to think about the pressing danger of Iran. I think people should enjoy themselves—which I’m not going to stop doing—but at the same time, there should be a level of guilt…Do you think the Iraqis, little villagers in Kandahar, are doing this?” he said. “None of them are. And that’s the sad, awful truth.”

What is this? Some fucking episode of Seinfeld? Where nothing really matters? “Our parents suffer for us because we are in Bungalow.” Are you kidding me? Someone is suffering because you are in a swanky club guzzling $350 vodka instead of engaging in the real world?

No, the sad, awful truth is that there are people out there as disconnected from what’s going on in the real world. I swear to god, this is a damn good reason to reinstate the draft…

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