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I’m Number One!

I was just checking my blog and I noticed that I had more traffic than usual (Hi Mom!). So a little investigation turned up that if you google “Victory Caucus” my blog is the first thing that comes up!

Why is this important?

Well, you’ll notice a post a couple of posts down about the Republicans and their efforts to keep their members of Congress in line. Hugh Hewitt went on to call the group the “Victory Caucus”.

So I wrote a little post with Victory Caucus, and Victory Gin and Victory Cigs (and another oblique, Orwellian 1984 reference).

Then they created a Web site, thevictorycaucus.com. And what do you know? People who are looking for it are finding my little site here. Welcome to all of the people looking for the victory caucus and finding my little site. Hopefully I’ll keep things interesting for you.

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