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On Your Knees. Or, Demanding Obedience the Republican Way

Right-wing, meet left-wing.

Last week right-wing blogmeister Hugh Hewitt has helped start the NRSCPledge Web site. This is a site designed to pump-up the hard right Republicans by getting them to promise to not support any Republican senator who backs any resolution in the Senate other than victory.  Not just victory, but Republican-style victory (a victory where the glorious leader can stand on an aircraft carrier with a “Mission Accomplished” banner behind them).

As a moderate independent, I find this schism Hewitt is fomenting interesting.  Hewitt, and others he has interviewed on his radio show (including presidential spokesman Tony Snow), have stated that the war in Iraq is the only litmus test for any Republican.  If you happen to feel the same way the majority of Americans do, then you are not “worthy” to be a Republican according to the Hugh Hewitt wing of the party. Or as he has taken to calling it, the Victory Caucus.

The Victory Caucus, who will sit back and sip Victory Gin and smoke their Victory Cigarettes, while waiting for those Senators to fall back into step.

Oh and by the way, to those people in the Victory Caucus: Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

But enough references to 1984…

(interestingly this is the same kind of line in the sand that the left-wing pulled on Joe Lieberman during the 2006 Conn. Senatorial election, except then the vitriol was focused on only one person)

The signers of the pledge promise to not send money to any Republican Senator who agrees to a resolution (like either the Biden resolution or the Warner resolution in the Senate) or to the National Republican Senatorial Commission (unless they promise to deny funding to those incumbent senators)

If you’re a Democrat, you have to be chomping at the bit for this to actually happen.  Either the Senators will agree to step back into line with the great Decider, or they will break ranks and lose the support of the hardliners.

Congratulations Hugh.  You have officially become the Republican version of Ralph Nader. 

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