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800 Pound Gorilla

In a shocking political move that surprised no one, Hillary Clinton has announced that she is forming an exploratory committee to run for president in 2008.

I’m not going to say anything that is new to the debate, I’m sure.  The people on the right will hate her for being who she is (a strong woman who doesn’t want to take their crap, someone who suppored universal health care for all Americans, etc.), and the people on the far left will hate her also (because she supported the war in Iraq, she’s not far enough to the left for them and they don’t want the first woman president being anyone who is not a far left nutcase), and the people in the center will be very interested in her running but they probably won’t get a chance to see her (does anyone really think she is going to get through the primary?)

I’ve like Hillary and not just because of who her husband was (Billy C. was my boy!) but because, despite what people on the right and left of the equation think, she does stand for things I believe in.  Like universal health care, and a strong military for the U.S.  These are things that I think most centrists believe in, but they don’t become apparent during primary elections (because people on the fringes always take control of primary elections)

Why is Hillary Clinton the proverbial 800 pound gorilla?

Because first of all, she’s been in a very intense media spotlight since 1992 and in true PR fashion has taken advantage of it (most of the time, there was that vast right wing conspiracy thing in the late 90’s…).   But since Monica-gate (when she stood by Bill after everything he did), and once she became a senator, she really boosted her profile and got more press than your average senator.

Then there’s the financial support.  Hillary will be able to raise a phenominal amount of money, given her status and the people she met while First Lady and Senator.  Will the other candidates be able to raise enough money to compete with her?  Obama, Edwards and Gore (if he runs), might be able to.  Anyone else, probably not.   More money means a better chance at getting your message out, add that to her high profile already and that makes her a formidable frontrunner.

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