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Getting Ready for the USA 7s

Rugby has been a passion of mine since college, where I was first introduced to the sport as an undergrad (and can blame it in part for deterring me from graduating on time, since who has time to study when there is rugby to be played and beer to be consumed?)

I was one of those kids who would go out for sports in high school and was told to not bother showing up. Either I was too slow or too small or didn’t come from the right family (yeah, you read that right). But when I showed up to rugby practice for the first day, the guys on the field were actually happy to see another soul show up and get beat up with them.

Was I the fastest rugby player? No. The best? Far from it. I just had a good time out there, and got in great shape to boot. (until I tore up my knees)

And it’s with fond memories of being on the pitch that I look forward to the USA 7s Rugby Tournament every year.

I’m probably not going to be able to attend, because I can’t afford to go to San Diego for three days (in either time or money). But it is always nice to read about the tournament. The atmosphere in the stadium, the personalities on the field and in the stands, and how good (or bad) the USA team always does.

And they should fare pretty poorly this year, I’m afraid. This year they have drawn France, Fiji and Portugal in preliminary play at the Wellington 7s in New Zealand (a great tournament and a chance for the USA team to get together before playing over here).

France – always a great team, in 15s at least.

Fiji – one of the best sevens teams in the world, and can win on any proverbial given day, probably a 30-40 point win vs. the USA.

Portugal – the USA’s best chance to win, but still an up and coming team.

And in San Diego, they play:

England – where Rugby was created, ’nuff said.

Kenya – Who? Kenya?  Yeah, Kenya.  And they are a team that has a lot of speed and a great team ethic.

Australia – Another rugby power, always among the best in the world (if not standing at the top)

It would be great to see the USA win at least one of these games, but we can still say that we’re better than Canada, even if we lose all three of the matches.

We still have an international tournament while they’re still waiting. (Nyah Nyah.) 😉


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