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Another week in paradise

Wow, it’s been a little while since I posted on here. To my legions of reader (hi Mom!) 😉 I have been really busy with work. Plus there has been an incredible amount of snow hitting New Mexico in the last couple of weeks. Just as the New Year was hitting, the snow was falling. up to 18 inches in Albuquerque (a new record) and more in the hinterlands of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico (feh, Santa Fe is full of spoiled, hippy wanna-be’s. Let them suffer 😉 ).

I got a digital camcorder for Christmas, and I’ve been toying around with it for a little while. I might have something to put online sooner rather than later. I’ve always advocated using the internet for guerrilla PR and advertising purposes, and now I get the chance to try it!

I have also been reading the latest info to come down about someone buying the edwards08.com domain name and rerouting it to Hillary Clinton’s Web site.

I have to say “I’m shocked, shocked that gambling is going on in this establishment!” But seriously, this is something that the John Edwards campaign should have taken care of before they announced running for president. Some democrats (those who post on the Huffington Post and their like) think of it as dirty pool, but theses are the same people who applaud when a group like Wal-Mart Watch buys the domain name for Working Families for Wal-Mart and posts up a similar looking site (but the content is going after the company).

Again, no problems there for me. If a company/group/person doesn’t remember to buy a domain name and they are embarking on a campaign, then it’s fair game to be taken and redirected. It’s an aspect of “information warfare” from the PR angle. You have to look at your campaign through the eyes of your opposition, the sooner that campaigns pick up on this for online communications the sooner these guys will be a step up.

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  1. Herbesse
    19 January 2007 at 7:56 pm

    Will this make my Hillary Clinton stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=73

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