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You have to be kidding…

Just read this article from the Knoxville News Sentinel. It’s nice to know that the press can still be slapped around by an athletic department from a major university because it didn’t follow the university’s rules.

This happened a few years back at the University of New Mexico. One of the reporters talked to an athlete outside of the “rules” of the athletic department. The athletic department tried to forbid the reporter from talking to the athletes for the rest of the season.

Lawyers got involved, quickly. Since the University is a public institution that receives public money, and because of that whole pesky First Amendment thing, the issue was resolved just as quickly.

UNM would have lost, they had to relent and let the reporter back in before things got worse for them.

If the Knoxville News Sentinel is just going to take this lying down, then they should just turn in their press credentials and join our side of the table.

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