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You HAVE to be kidding…

The RIAA (Recording Industry A$$holes of America) have decided to sue XM Radio for their new mobile device, the Inno.

Christ, I hate the RIAA. Everytime I turn around they are suing someone else for creating some new, cool innovation that, had they half a brain, could have innovated first and gotten more money off of. Now they are suing XM Radio for the fact that “well, people can download music to this device and, oh my god I don’t know what’s next. Total Armageddon!” Plus I think they are pissed off that XM and Sirius don’t have commercials.

Apple’s iTunes has pulled in over US $1 Billion, with a B. That’s money the RIAA could have had, if they went with a different business model other than “sue them until they accept our model of spending $18 a CD for a bunch of crap music and one good song.” Hey, here’s an idea for the RIAA, go out and get some decent artists I want to hear, then maybe I’ll buy a CD.

I don’t have a problem with people “pirating” music from these greedy bastards. Primarily because they’ll probably go after better music than the crap these clowns have to offer. Hey, how about this for an idea? Offer downloads for a song, and then if I like it, I’ll probably go out and buy it, thus making you money. What about that for an idea, you chuckling jackasses.

I hope XM Radio punks these clowns.


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