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Mayor Marty

Mayor Marty’s on CNN right now talking about the “Day without an Immigrant” protest that is going on. He said that there can be a way for people to work this out to the benefit of both sides. I shouldn’t be surprised that Mayor Marty is on TV, since ABQ has a Hispanic population nearing (if not over) 50% and he just said there were (as a guess) 10-20,000 illegal immigrants in ABQ, and that there will be an economic hit as a result of the boycott.

Mayor Chavez made another point, “You have to go after the employers who hire people to work in the U.S. illegally.” Would that be the fastest way to get illegal immigration to drop?

I’m not sure what the answer here would be. I’d like to see a combo legalization/guest worker program. Illegals come to the U.S. for work, and why not allow them to come over legally as a guest worker. Since they are doing the work American’s don’t want to do, like picking fruit, working on farms or in chicken plants, or impregnating Madonna… 😉

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