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Proof there is a God?

Just another example that there is a God, and he lives on the West Side. 😉

As many of you who read this blog… OK, as the person who reads this blog knows, I am a big supporter of Albuquerque’s West Side. As a result of this support, I have been more or less thrown in a pitched battle with people from other parts of the city who I might agree with on other issues (living wage, more money towards education, Wireless City, etc). Now as a result of their “all or nothing” stance (see my post below about eco-weenies and their similar stances on things) I find myself facing off with them about the extension of a road, called Paseo del Norte, through a part of the former Petroglyph National Monument (now no longer a part of the monument).

Well, a Federal District judge allowed plans for the extension of Paseo today, hitting activists with a serious blow. And (newly re-elected, w00t w00t) Mayor Chavez is stating that there are plans to start construction in December.

He might want to speed up the start plans to, like, tomorrow, given the opponents.

These same activists have claimed everything, from the moon blotting out the sun and starting Armageddon to me being a racist for wanting a road through a Native American “Sacred Site”.

Let me start with the latter point first.

How does my wanting the Paseo extension make me a racist? And why are the Petroglyphs considered a sacred site? Native American activists call it a sacred site, but what makes it so? Is it just because they said so? And if it is a Sacred Site, then why is it not protected by being under the jurisdiction of one of the reservations? Or being the center of a reservation?

Is it really about sacred sites, or is it the one issue the anti-growth people in Albuquerque can hang on to and try to push their agenda across?

“But the people of this city voted down road bonds intended to help the extension of Paseo!” They claim.

But the people voted for it the next year.

So let me get this right, they voted against it, before they voted for it? Where did I hear that before…

“We should separate the Paseo Extension from the rest of the road bonds.”

What a great idea! And while we’re at it, we can separate Barelas issues, and Nob Hill issues, and the South Valley and Downtown issues… you getting the idea? If we did this, then those sections of the city might be surprised at the results. Why should the city hold a separate election for one part of town?

“Well what about a revote?”

What kind of revote? On an off-major election year, where progressives tend to pick up strength because they are willing to go out and vote and the majority of people are not? Or how about we turn back time and have the third vote in 2000, when there were a *lot* of people voting?

Or how about we count the vote totals of the two votes (03 and 04) and winner takes all?

(I think the activists will be surprised by how much they lose)

For me it comes down to the people who are out on the West Side, the only part of Albuquerque to expand to. And it’s the one part of the city that “progressives” truly hate. Just listen to the venom some of them spew…

“I don’t need an excuse to hate West Side Developers”
“We should erect a Gaza-style wall on the west bank of the Rio Grande” (undoubtedly the only time this crew would agree with a statement that has “Gaza” “Wall” and “West Bank” in it.) 😉

Why do they dislike the West Side so much? I wish some of them would tell me rationally, instead of bandying about with accusations of racism (does this sound familiar Mssr. Griego and Gomez?)

Also, what do they propose to do for West Side traffic problems? Again, long on accusations, short on actual results.

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