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Taking issue

Been reading another local blogger and his take on the election. Not bad, except for all of the vitriolic hatred he has for the West Side, but eh, no one’s perfect (except possibly me).

But what I take issue with one of his predictions. He picks Ken Sanchez to lose to Miguel Gomez? Are you serious? Ken was up by 7% in the last poll I heard, plus he’s a lifelong resident who has been asked by people throughout the district to run. He’s represented the West Side for 8 years in the city council before the city switched up on him. He has a history of representing the West Side, something Miguel does not. And, he has a history of not abusing people, unlike Miguel Gomez (er… allegedly).

And we know Miguel is in trouble because he went to the last resort of all politicians, a slimy negative, lying ad.

Ken’s gonna win, thank you for playing.

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