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Election Eve

Well, the Tribune proved me wrong. They went and endorsed Mayor Marty even though they resented every letter they typed in their endorsement. (Could it be that Phill Casaus enforced some sanity in the newsroom after all this time??)

But with the election coming up fast, I have an uneasy feeling. I’ve been reading a lot of sites lately, from Duke City Fix to Joe Monahan and I think this is not going to be as easy an election for Mayor Chavez as my friends think. While I disagree with the people over at Democracy for New Mexico who are already planning on being at the Eric Griego Victory Party (Can Eric win without the growing West Side? I mean, I understand the rage that people who tend to read Democracy for New Mexico have for people who live on the West Side, but that’s another post), I think it’ll be fairly close.

I’d call it something like
Chavez 41.5%
Griego 25.5%
Winter 20%
Steele 3%

However there is a chance that it could go into a runoff, between the Mayor and either Griego or Winter. Neither Griego or Winter have much of a shot if the vote’s not split as far as it is now. (Keep in mind the “great, fighting liberal” Jim Baca couldn’t hit 40% in his victory either) If that happens, then it’ll be a second round knockout for the Mayor (it’s nice to have enough money in the bank to be ready for a second round if necessary. Suddenly his fundraising doesn’t seem so nuts does it?).

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