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Why I love politics.

A quick rundown of last night’s city council meeting:

Eric Griego: “And while some of us weren’t around in these backdoor deals…. backhanded meeting… backdoor deals…”

Cadigan: “You know, we’re all tired of the innuendo and personal attacks by Councilor Griego. There were no backdoor deals. Everything that happened wasn’t unethical or illegal. God forbid someone actually meet with the (Chavez) administration to work things out. If Councilor Griego has any proof of his allegations then bring it up.”

Griego: *crickets: chirp chirp*

Guess he didn’t have anything to show this time around. Give him time, all he needs to do is look in the alleged (true or untrue we wonder, is it real…) “dirty laundry” dossier that Eli Lee has sent out to media sources and that his staff refers to everytime there’s a slightly negative story about Eric Griego’s mayoral run.

And before that, the Chief Administrative Officer called out Eric Griego for grandstanding during the City Council meeting. Of course then, Griego could count on his pal O’Malley to deflect some of the fire, not so later on.

What? Eric “Clean Campaign” Griego running an alleged dirty tricks dossier on Mayor Marty?!? How did they say it in Casablanca? “I’m shocked, shocked I say!”

On an interesting side note, after this exchange Griego looked like my stepnephew after he’d been had been told to behave (you know the pouty look I’m talking about) and then vanished for a little bit (looking for that dossier ya think?).

P.S. And at the end, when the council was being chastised by the teacher about their conduct last night? Priceless! Bravo to her!

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