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Apples in a nutshell? (non-food, sorry) ;-)

Just checking my weekly email from Liquid Generation, and found the greatest line I might have ever heard in relations to computing.

“Apple is to computing as Christina Aguilera is to sex. Pretty on the outside, but once inside, you’re lost.”

I like Apple Computers for their looks, and even glowed about them on this very blog, but they are also underpowered and expensive. Plus Steve Jobs’ recent temper tantrum at the publication of a book that would dare to charge that he is not, in fact, God, reminded me of the biggest problem I have with Apple and the people running it. They may be brilliant, but there hasn’t been the planet created to contain their rampaging egos…

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  1. Anonymous
    7 May 2005 at 2:15 pm

    I disagree that they are expensive and underpowered. Check into the iBooks. They are great and a bargain compared to laptop PCs. Trust me, I’ve priced them out. It’s damned expensive to try to get a PC laptop with firewire and a bunch of RAM.

    My iBook is a G4 with USB1 & II and Firewire with 768 Megs of RAM, airport extreme card, 60 gig HD, 14 inch monitor for just over $1000. And I routinely do multimedia stuff with it including video editing with no problems.

    Can’t comment really on the desktops re: price and power, as I never use one anymore since my iBook does everything I need and more!


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