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I knew I forgot something!

I forgot to mention our lovely city and the protest against a mural in Nob Hill that is currently going on!

Big surprise, the protesting group involved is a Baptist Church. Why am I not surprised.

To recap, a shop in Nob Hill has up a mural with a topless woman in it, the woman appears to have a nipple ring, which I believe the store sells (I think it’s a body piercing and body jewelry shop), so the mural depicts one of the products they are selling. Even if I’m off base and it’s not… so what?? It’s a picture of a woman and her breasts.

Jesus, people. Bill Maher is right. When did this country turn into Utah!?!? Are people actually upset about a painting? It’s not even a “picture” picture. It’s a painting! This is the same group of people who wanted the statue in the Justice Department covered up, that would probably want the statues of David and Venus Di Milo covered as well.

Oh my god! We have a picture of a topless woman on a mural! What are we gonna do? It’s not like there’s a big, anatomically correct leather teddy bear with a penis stud sticking though both sides of the “anatomical correctness” in that store. (You laugh, but that’s in the window of, I believe, another store in Nob Hill…. Walk on Central in Nob Hill, ya can’t miss it!)

Again, so what, it’s a picture. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Yes it’s an advertisement, and people can see it from the street, but no one is forcing them to look at it. Just look in another store window, or at the ground, or at a magazine, or listen to your iPod, or gaze at the big, beautiful, sunny skies we are blessed with out here.

“But what about the children??”

What about them? I understand that parents in society today have the belief they don’t actually have to raise their children. By telling their kids not to look at something they don’t want them to, then they are going to get their kids mad at them… and then… *sniffle* … They won’t be their kids’ friend.

Tough shit. If you don’t like the message that mural will send your kids, then tell them not to look at it. If they do and give you a hard time about it, try discipline. It’s amazing what it will do for ya!

Or maybe try telling your kid about sex, educating them so they can deal with seeing a picture like that. Who knows, in the long run they might not end up “keeping” their chastity vows by only giving oral sex to their partners.

And if you really can’t handle your family being subjected to the idea that women have two breasts, then might I suggest listening to In Bed With Susie Bright, getting a clue and chilling the hell out??

To paraphrase Woody Harrelson in The People vs. Larry Flynt, “Do you believe in God? Do you believe God made Adam and Eve? Do you believe God made women the way he did? Then God made the breasts that inspired that picture and who are you to question God?” 😉

Always one to tweak the overly righteous..

Snoochie Boochies,


(thanks to Pika for her original post)

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  1. Anonymous
    15 April 2005 at 8:36 am

    Can I hear a HELL YEAH! ?


    By which I mean I thoroughly endorse your post

    Most sincerely



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